"Tell me about your training program for your new and tenured team members." 

If you're having a difficult time attracting talent, retaining your existing talent, or inspiring people to acheive new levels of success, you might take a look at your new-hire and on-going training programs. 


If you’re having staffing challenges such as attracting new talent, losing tenured employees, or just not getting everything you need out of your team, perhaps it’s time for an unbiased reveiw of your employee training and development programs.


Through interviews with key stakeholders and influencers, we’ll learn the ins and outs of all of your employee training programs.


Through interviews with key leaders and stakeholders, we’ll develop a clear understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish.


Using the data from all interviews, and our substantial experience, we’ll identify all the barriers and gaps to the desired state.


We’ll review what we found during the interview processes (in aggregate), discuss predicatable outcomes if the current state remains constant, and outline benefits of achieiving the desired state.


We’ll make clear, detailed  and unbiased program recommendations.  These recommendations will provide a clear roadmap that enables you to transform your sales, service, and leadership training programs.


We’ll support your efforts to implement the recommended training programs.    We’ll help you identify training resources, develop your own in-house hybrid trainers, or you can opt to have VPOP to conduct some-none-all of your trainings.  

Genuine Curiosity™


Well-trained employees will perform faster, better and more consistently. Research also shows that employees stay longer with employers that invest in their development. See our sales support, sales and leadership course offerings below.


 – Developing a Sales Mindset
 – Mastering the Art of Communication
 – Sales/Leadership Bootcamp


 – Leadership Bootcamp
 – Leadership Coaching
 – Trainer Development 


 – Sales Bootcamp
 – Mastering the Art of Communication
 – Prospecting Skills
 – Presentation Skills
 – Virtual Engagement Skills
 – It’s not About Price!
 – A&D – More Selling and Less Marketing
 – On-going training (monthly or quarterly)

Your Trainer – Pat McDonald

With nearly a dozen years of experience at ADP, with roles in sales, training, and leadership and 15 years with Humanscale, with roles in sales, leadership, product development and employee development, Pat McDonald is uniquely positioned to develop your sales, service and leadership teams to achieve new levels of success.

For the last 10 years, Pat has been the industry’s leading sales and leadership trainer, training salespeople and leaders across the globe as Humanscale’s Sr. Director of Learning and Development.

Pat has developed the unique ability to engage, educate and motivate new sales and service team members; captivate and inspire tenured team members; and teach emerging leaders how to grow and thrive in their roles as Sales or Service Managers or Directors.   



Don’t take our word for it – here’s what people that have worked with Pat McDonald have to say!

Pat’s authentic approach to his coaching style has been of great help to me and my teams, especially when I have had critical needs.

The genuine curiosity approach works by not just giving people the answers, but by challenging them to ask the right questions.

Mark P

Regional VP of Sales
Denver CO

Pat made a huge impact on our organization.  He took great care in understanding our industry and working with our Sales Teams to deliver meaningful training content that would consistently push the envelope and help cement our organization to be highly lauded within our industry

Brian L

Senior Sales Director
San Francisco CA

I don’t think I was ever quite as nervous as before my new hire training week in London.  

I learnt so much during the week and the realistic role plays definitely helped prepare me for the challenges I would face once I got back into the field.

Samantha A.

Office Furniture Account Manager
London England

Having been to so many sale training courses over the last 50 years, I can definitely say that the training you delivered in Sydney was the best I’ve ever attended.

Paul G

Global Account Manager – ANZ
Sydney Australia

By far the most influencial force to cross my career so far! 

Michael T

Regional VP of Sales
Melbourne Australia

I never knew that virutal trainings could be as impactful as in-person trainings.  
Pat’s delivery kept us engaged, motivated and even entertained! 

Jamie C

Director of Customer Experience
Atlanta GA

Pat is a top notch trainer, manager, and leader but above all else, Pat is a developer of people.

His passion, empathy, and care for those lucky enough to work for/with him shines through with everything he does.

Jeff R

Manager – Associate Acccount Executives
Madison WI

There are everyday trainers that think they have all the answers – and then there are best in class trainers who know YOU have all the answers and help you figure them out.

The groups Pat works with not only come to the solution on their own, but come away seeing HOW they got there

Marisa F

Sales Director
Boston MA

Pat’s training structure and overall leadership had a tremendous impact on the success of our company.

His genuine approach often found his student’s collaborating and diving deeper on training content well after the formal session was completed. 

Paul M

VP – Hospitality Sales
Denver CO

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