About VPOP

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VPOP’S Genuine Curiosity™ sales & leadership trainings will increase sales, profitability, team member retention and help attract new talent. Learn more by watching the short video below.

VPOP is a sales and leadership training company.  We teach the skills that enable sales people, and leaders, to: uncover opportunities, influence people to take action, and do everything else that resides between those bookends.  

Products and services don’t sell themselves, people sell them! That is the reason we need to teach sales people the processes and skills that enable them to uncover opportunities and influence people to buy what is being sold.

Prior to starting VPOP, Pat McDonald served as the Senior Director of Learning and Development at Humanscale. He spent the last 10 years developing and leading  Humanscale’s global learning and development program.

With an emphasis on sales, leadership, virtual engagement, emotional intelligence and presentation skills, Pat and his team conducted in-person and virtual trainings across North America, UK, EU, and APAC.