Adobe Employees

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Adobe is one of those rare companies that encourages employees to develop their skills by reimbursing employees up to $1,000 for courses or programs that are directly related to an employee’s career growth at Adobe.
(Adobe Professional Development Reimbursment)

There has never been a better time to leverage the professional development opportunities that Adobe makes available to you. VPOP’s sales, leadership, LinkedIn, and communication skills courses are live-virtual and will sharpen your skills – enabling you to thrive in your current role and/or prepare for your next role.

What’s the impact of not leveraging the power of LinkedIn?  You’re losing business.

LinkedIn has found that the average decision-maker reads 10 pieces of content before finalizing a purchase decision.

Our 90-minute, live-virtual training session includes engaging and interactive discussions and lessons that will teach you how to leverage LinkedIn to grow your professional brand in 2022.
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Leveraging LinkedIn

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Leadership Coaching – 2 2-hour sessions

Leadership Underlying Needs

Leadership Coaching and Feedback

Connecting with Communication skills