Atmore Community Hospital

The ACH Nurse Residency Program is a program aimed at recruiting nurses to Atmore Community Hospital, while offering a more comprehensive on-boarding and education process by rotating program nurses through the four main nursing departments – Med/Surg, ICU, ED, and Surgery. This program will be eighteen (18) months of full-time, paid employment with emphasis on providing in-depth, hands-on education focused on challenges faced by new nurses. This will expose new nurses to various fields of expertise and specialties not afforded to the collective whole to give them experience and perspective to better identify departments that they best fit.

Sign-On Bonus: $5,000
Paid as follows:
o $3,000 on the first pay period following RN Licensure with Alabama Board of Nursing
o $1,000 after six (6) months from start date
o $1,000 after twelve (12) months from start date

Uniform Package:
o 2 full sets of scrubs and scrub jacket with name or logo – not to exceed $250

NCLEX Pre-Payment: 
o ACH will pay for the costs of the NCLEX up front for nurses accepted to the program. This will be coordinated through nursing leadership ($350 value)

o 18 months – If employee resigns or is terminated for gross misconduct before 18 months of employment have been completed, the employee will pay back the entire sum of $5,000

• Med Surg/Telemetry – 3 total 12-hour days/nights and weekends
• ICU – 3 total 12-hour days/nights and weekends
• Emergency Department – 3 total 12-hour days/nights and weekends
• Surgery – 0700-1600 Monday-Friday