Day 1a & b


There are three short videos that help you learn more about VPOP. The first video tells the story behind VPOP’s 1515 Stretch Challenge. The second video shares the background of your stretch coach, Pat McDonald. The final video outlines the three rules of stretching.


Stretch for 15 days, 15 minutes each day, build the habits that lead to healthy flexibility

As we get older, it becomes more and more difficult to do basic things such as bending down to pick something up off the floor, lean over and tie our shoes, get out of our chair at work…you know what I mean.

The simple and consistent act of stretching every day for 15 minutes can have a profound impact on how your ability to stay injury-free and feel good…every day!


Your stretch coach – Pat McDonald

Although Pat McDonald has been an athlete his entire life, including completing a number of half-IRONMAN races and the full IRONMAN Arizona, he noticed that a decrease in flexibility was creeping up on him.

The diminishing flexibility wasn’t impacting his swimming, biking, or running, but it was impacting his daily life of working at a desk, bending down to pick something up, and completing the simple act of leaning over to tie his shoes.


The Three Rules of Stretching

First rule – Warm up for at least 10 minutes before stretching. This prepares your muscles and joints so that you can stretch without injury.

Second rule – No bouncing. Maintain a steady amount of tension without trying to bounce deeper into a stretch.

Third rule – Don’t stretch into pain. It’s normal for stretching to feel uncomfortable, at least until you stretch often enough that it feels good! Stretching into pain however, can lead to injury.