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East Alabama Health offers a comprehensive Nurse Residency and clinical skills program to support new graduate nurses as they transition into the workforce.  This program begins three times a year (summer, fall and winter) based on traditional graduation schedules. All new graduate nurses hired at East Alabama Health are automatically enrolled during the hiring process in conjunction with unit-based orientation.

Nurse Residency Program 

Meet regularly in a supportive cohort of your peers throughout the first year of employment to discuss shared experiences and participate in dynamic, nurse educator-led, professional development opportunities.  In addition, each resident is paired with a nurse mentor throughout the program. 

Clinical Skills Boot Camp

Immersive educator-led program that allows new graduates extensive opportunities to develop confidence in hands-on nursing skills prior to your unit-based orientation with a coach.

Our goal is to help new graduate nurses successfully transition to confident and competent professional nurses equipped to provide high-quality patient care while also increasing staff satisfaction and reducing staff turnover rates.

The program utilizes active learning to build upon and reemphasize previous undergraduate nursing education related to the follow competencies:  

  • Teamwork, Collaboration, Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Time Management, Prioritization and Critical Thinking
  • Cultural and Spiritually Competent Care
  • Quality Improvement/Evidence Based Practice
  • Self-Care– Stress Management, Compassion Fatigue and Work-life Balance
  • Informatics & Technology