The power of communication

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Individual interaction impacts organizational perception

Have you ever had a bad experience with a waiter, only to say “That restaurant was horrible!”?

In contrast, how about an amazing experience with a waiter and, even though the food was delivered late, you probably said “It wasn’t the waiter’s fault the food was late…we’ll be back.”.

How about one negative interaction with a gate agent, only to say “I’m never flying this airline again!”?

In contrast, how about that flight that arrived late, but your flight attendant was flawless in their attention and communication with you? You may have said “Disappointed that we’re late, but our flight attendant was amazing..that airline has their act together.”.

How we communicate and connect with clients, patients and colleagues has a direct impact on how our organization is viewed by those people.

That is actually great news because learning how to connect and communicate with people are skills that can be learned and enhanced. In order to improve those skills, we need to understand ourselves, understand how we connect with others, and learn how to adjust our communication style for the circumstances, the audience and the desired outcome.