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For any senior sales leader, being active on LinkedIn is a “need to do”, not a “nice to do” because:

  • If you want your team leveraging the tool, you need to set the example
  • Prospects and clients will look at your profile to learn a bit about you
  • Prospective employees are definitely looking at your profile and posts
  • It’s a free and easy way to provide some recognition to your team, clients, and partners

Most times, you just don’t have the time to write 2-3 posts a week.

Let me write 2-3 posts a week for you! (nobody will ever know!)

Sample 1:

Don’t know Friant yet? The short drone video tells a small portion of our amazing story.

(Amazing job @Patrick Thorton! (tagging Patrick or whomever should get credit))

Sample 2

We recently announced that Facility & Design Resource joined Friant as our
newest rep group. We were thrilled to host The FDR team at Friant’s HQ
for an amazing three days of training, story-telling and relationship building.

(Tag Matt, Patrick, Patrick, Pat, Catherine, Chris, Tim, Susan)

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Sample 3

A company is only as good as the people that work there. When people join
Friant, they are given the opportunity to work with the best in the industry.

From our sales people, to our marketing and service teams, to our factory operators,
they are simply the best in the biz. Check out our career opportunities and
join the company that’s changing how companies look at office furniture.

(tag key members of your team)

(Marketing needs to update your careers page…yuck!)