LinkedIn Bootcamp

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What’s the impact of not leveraging the power of LinkedIn? You’re losing business.

LinkedIn has found that the average decision-maker reads 10 pieces of content before finalizing a purchase decision.

Why doesn’t your team leverage the power of LinkedIn? They don’t know how.

If you want the team to harness the power of LinkedIn, you need to teach them the why, how, what, and when of the platform.

If you’re a sales or marketing leader and you want your team to embrace and leverage LinkedIn, we should chat about our LinkedIn Bootcamp and how it can help you accomplish those goals.

LinkedIn Bootcamp – Content

Our 90-minute, virtual training session includes engaging and interactive discussions as well as real-time LinkedIn usage that address:

  • The reasons to be active on LinkedIn
    • Company reasons
    • Individual reasons
  • No, you don’t need 100k followers!
  • Developing a sharp and polished profile
  • Eliminating the fear of posting on LinkedIn
  • Posting – Why, how, how often, subject selection, and audience engagement
  • Connecting – How to do it professionally
  • Researching – There is a wealth of information out there…are you getting it?
  • Liking vs commenting – one of those two helps expand your reach and connections – which one and why?
  • Teamwork – working together to expand your company’s brand as well as each other’s personal brand.