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VPOP’s RN Residency Program Database includes more than 700 RN residency programs across the country. You can find one that is either in your home town, or in a distant town that you might want to call home. That’s the beauty of your RN job…you can work anywhere!

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List of RN Residency Program Specialties

MedSurgMental HealthICUERL&D

Number of RN Residency Programs by State

Alabama (14)Alaska (3)Arizona (23)Arkansas(14)California (123)
Colorado (13)Connecticut (13)Delaware (13)Florida (13)Georgia (13)
Hawaii (13)Idaho (13)Illinois (13)Indiana (13)Iowa (13)
Kansas (13)Kentucky (13)Louisiana (13)Maine (13)Maryland (13)
Massachusetts (13)Michigan (13)Minnesota (13)Mississippi (13)Missouri (13)
Montana (13)Nebraska (13)Nevada (13)New Hampshire (13)New Jersey (13)
New Mexico (13)New York (13)North Carolina (13)North Dakota (13)Ohio (13)
Oklahoma (13)Oregon (13)Pennsylvania (13)Rhode Island (13)South Carolina (13)
South Dakota (13)Tennessee (13)Texas (13)Utah (13)Vermont (13)
Virginia (13)Washington (13)West Virginia (13)Wisconsin (13)Wyoming (13)