Sales & Leadership Course Outlines

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Do you need to develop to skills of a new sales representative, a new leader, or a tenured and experienced leader?

With more than a decade of global training experience, our team delivers virtual and/or in-person trainings that engage, educate, motivate and entertain; ensuring that your sales and leadership teams develop the skills necessary to keep your company charging forward.

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LinkedIn Bootcamp

Social networking is a skill that doesn’t come naturally to everybody. With the intent of developing the skills that enable your sales team to effectively leverage LinkedIn, this virtual or in-person session focuses on:

If your sales and leadership teams aren’t leveraging the power of LinkedIn, they are consistently missing out on the opportunity to build their brand as well as your company’s brand.

  • The reasons to be active on LinkedIn
  • Eliminating the fear of posting on LinkedIn
  • Developing a sharp and polished profile
  • Posting – Why, how, how often, subject selection, and audience engagement
  • Connecting – How to do it professionally
  • Researching – There is a wealth of information out there…are you getting it?
  • Liking and commenting to build your brand and connections
  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction
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Leadership Training Programs

Given the influence that leaders have on the success or retention of their team members, it’s essential that companies teach their their leaders the skills they need to engage, inspire, develop, and lead their teams.

If your company doesn’t have a leadership development program, then your up-and-coming leaders, new leaders and tenured leaders, would benefit our Leadership Bootcamp or our 1-on-1 leadership coaching programs.

Leadership Bootcamp

Transitioning successfully from an individual contributor role to a team leader role requires the development of new skills and mindsets.  

Our in-person or virtual Leadership Bootcamp focuses on developing the skills that managers need to connect with and inspire their team, communicate clearly upstream and downstream, and manage themselves.  They’ll learn about: Leadership listening and questioning skills, servant leader mindset, goal setting, understanding their individual team members, coaching, feedback and Emotional Intelligence.  

  • Leadership Communication Skills
  • Servant leadership mindset
  • Goal setting
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Understanding and managing yourself
    • Understanding others
    • Managing your relationships
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Leadership Coaching

1-on-1 leadership coaching can help new and tenured leaders polish their ability to lead and inspire their teams. The coaching program can be a complement to the Leadership Bootcamp program or a stand-alone development opportunity.

The customized nature of these coaching sessions means that we’ll cover a wide range of topics, including: employee retention, goal setting, managing difficult employees, navigating challenging situations, interviewing skills, coaching, feedback, crucial conversations, terminations, managing up and emotional intelligence.

There are a number of different ways to structure the coaching sessions, including: in-person, in-person & virtual, and all virtual,
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Sales Bootcamp

The faster your new sales people master the basic sales skills, the faster they’ll build a pipeline and start closing deals.  Additionally, successful people tend to stay with companies longer, so investing in their development will increase employee retention.  

Our 4-session virtual, or 2-day in-person, new hire boot camp focuses on:

  • Story-telling and its connection to selling
  • Phone and email prospecting
  • Sales call opening
  • Listening and questioning skills
  • Objection handling
  • Closing
  • Social Networking
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