Virtual Engagement

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The skills that enable us to conduct effective virtual sales calls and meetings don’t come naturally to most; those skills need to be taught.

VPOP’s Virtual Engagement coaching teaches the skills that enable your team members to always put their best foot forward when conducting virtual sales calls or internal meetings.

How do technology and skills work together to help us conduct memorable and effective virtual meetings? See for yourself (Jump forward to .09 seconds to see a powerful comparison!). After you watch it, you’ll want to contact us to learn more about our virtual engagement coaching process.

How exactly does virtual engagement coaching with VPOP work?  In a nutshell:

– Record a virtual sales call or, for your non-sales team members, a virtual meeting

– Send VPOP the recording

– Your VPOP Coach reviews your recording

– We send you written feedback and guidance regarding your virtual presence and engagement.  

– We conduct a video call with you to review the written feedback and provide expanded coaching, feedback and guidance