Dealer Sales Bootcamp Pricing

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We know that staffing needs are always fluid, which is why when you join VPOP, your dealership’s new and emerging team members have the ability to access to the Sales Bootcamp whenever necessary over the course of 12 months. (no per session fees)

Dealer Sales Bootcamp Outline & Pricing

Program Outline

  • A dealership can send any of their team members through the sales training bootcamp
  • Individual team members can attend the training up to 2X during a 12 month period
  • Each bootcamp is delivered virtually in 4-hour segments, over three consecutive days
  • Cap of each session is 20 attendees
  • Max session attendees from one dealership – 2
  • Attendees can be from different dealerships
  • Course outline includes: (additional details here)
    • Sales Mindset
    • Storytelling
    • Prospecting
    • Social Networking
    • Listening and questioning skills
    • Shaping the conversation
    • Objection handling
    • Closing
    • Virtual presence coaching
    • Post-training feedback phone call with sales leader
  • Role plays and real-time coaching

Annual Pricing

  • No per-session fees.
  • Dealership with under 30 employees: $2,750.00 per year
  • Dealership with 31-50 employees: $3,250.00 per year
  • Dealership with 51-75 employees: $3,750.00 per year
  • Dealership with 76-100 employees: $4,250.00 per year
  • Dealership with 100-150 employees: $4,750.00 per year 
  • Dealership with 151-200 employees: $5,250.00 per year 
  • Dealership with 200+ employees: $5,750.00 per year 

Bootcamp Course Outline

Our Sales Bootcamp will teach your new and future sales people the skills that enable them to uncover opportunities and influence people to take action.  

During the three-day virtual sales bootcamp, we’ll cover: 

– The sales mindset: Sales is a thrilling career and developing the right mindset will get you out of the gates quickly.

– Storytelling: Developing and using stories throughout your sales process will separate you and your company from the competition. 

– Effective Communication: How well you listen and quality of your questions directly impact your ability to uncover opportunites and influence people to take action.

– Prospecting: Confident and effective use of the phone, email and social networking will get you in front of more people. 

– Shaping the conversation: This topic is related to listening and questioning skills and helps you shape conversations so that they are in your favor. 

– Objection handling: Focusing on developing your ability to turn a “no” into a “yes”. 

– Closing: If you can’t close, you can’t win.

– Powerful Presentations: How you come across in-person and virtually will have an impact on your success. You’ll receive feedback and coaching on during the 3-day training. 

– Feedback: At the conclusion of the New Hire Bootcamp, we conduct a feedback call with the sales leader. We’ll share our observations, feedback and guidance that will help the sales leader keep the new hire on the path that will lead to long-term success.